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Meet Our Team

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Joyce Garcia

Hi, my name is Joyce. I am originally from the Philippines and I grew up in Madison, Wisconsin... so I'm a big Packers fan! I am a wife, a mom to a beautiful daughter and a fun loving Shih Tzu.

I learned about Living Benefits after my mother had cancer and had to quit her job to come live with my family. The high cost of medical bills and ongoing treatments were too much for her to handle financially. If my mother would have had a living benefits policy she would still be able to live on her own and have money to pay her expenses. I immediately saw the value in living benefits and knew that I had to share this with as many people as I could.

My passion is to serve you by sharing proven strategies to protect yourself and loved ones when life changing events happen (like the one I went through with my mother). I believe that everyone deserves to live a long and happy life. Sometimes things happen that are beyond our control, but preparing for those moments is something we can do today.

If you would like to learn more and explore your options, I would love to meet with you, hear your story, and find out how I can help you! Please click the button below to get in touch with me.

Stacy Lardizabal
Stacy Lardizabal

I was only certain about two things at the conclusion of my 27-year career with the Army that included two combat tours apiece in both Afghanistan and Iraq. First, my husband Jay (also retired military) and I wanted to plant roots in Texas – and second – I wanted a new career centered on helping others achieve their life goals. 


Grounded in honesty and integrity, I passionately seek the opportunity to provide families with the education and financial solutions that lead them to living their dream lifestyle! 


Outside of the office, I love hanging out with my family – which includes two grown daughters, my husband, and our two Dutch Shepherds. If we’re not at a hockey game during the season, we may be out traveling, taking in a good movie, or out volunteering in the community.

Jay_Brown Jacket.png
Jay Lardizabal

Hello, I’m Jay, your licensed health and life insurance specialist, and I'm excited to introduce myself to you. Let me help you learn about living benefit strategies. My mission is to empower you with the knowledge and support you need to achieve financial growth and safeguard your future. With passion for understanding the uniqueness of each individual's journey, I look forward to hearing your story and discovering what truly matters to you.


As a 24-year military veteran, I bring a strong sense of discipline, integrity, and commitment to my role as your insurance professional. That, combined with my background as a certified professional business coach and trainer, enhances my ability to provide the valuable insight and perspective to help secure your financial future.

Outside of work, you’ll find me hanging out spending quality time with my wonderful wife, Stacy, and our two loyal pups, Jager and Brandy. With service close to our hearts, we also spend time actively volunteering in the community with the Rotary Club.

Experience peace of mind and exceptional service with me as your insurance broker. Connect with me now to discover how we can partner in creating a secure and prosperous future for you. Together, let's start designing a better tomorrow, so you can focus on living your best life today.

Inaru Rodriguez
Inaru Rodriguez

Hola, I am Inarú Rodríguez, a passionate financial educator and coach, and I take pride in being the owner of Life Solutions Coaching, LLC. With over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, I made a successful transition to the insurance sector, where I now specialize in offering expert guidance and support to individuals seeking solutions for their finances.

My journey into the world of finance began when I realized the significant impact that insurance can have on individuals and their families. Drawing on my extensive knowledge and understanding of the healthcare system, I recognized the vital importance of financial planning and protection in securing a stable future for my clients.

As a financial educator and coach, my mission is to empower my clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their financial well-being. I firmly believe that knowledge is power and strive to equip individuals with the necessary tools and understanding to confidently navigate the complex realm of insurance and health plans.

I am delighted to offer you comprehensive health plans from the marketplace ACA (Affordable Care Act) and Medicare Advantage plans. As a licensed insurance professional, I understand the importance of finding the right healthcare coverage that suits your unique needs. 

Beyond my professional achievements, I find immense joy in my personal life. I have been happily married for 17 years to my best friend. We have a teenager son, two dogs and a bearded dragon. As a family, we spend our best time together paddleboarding with our dogs. 

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